At Hearing Matters, we are passionate about offering the most advanced hearing products and services throughout our 18 clinics across South Australia. That’s why we hire only the most dedicated and compassionate audiologists, ensuring that our high standards are met with every person we serve. Whether you’re looking for a hearing assessment to check the condition of your ears, or you need your existing hearing device replaced, you’re in good hands with our experienced audiologists.

Find out more about our team below.

  • Jason Sparnon
    B.App.Sc (Speech Pathology), MAud
    Jason worked as a Speech Pathologist in Ireland before beginning his Masters in Audiology. In 2001 Jason took up a position as a diagnostic audiologist at a clinic run by Adelaide’s ENT surgeons and later spent time at a private practice.
  • Jan Machotka
    B.Sc, MAud
  • Tara Gilbertson
    B.Behav.Sc, MAud
    Tara completed a Bachelor of Behavioural Science in 2003 and immediately began her Masters in Audiology. Upon completion she began work with a private hearing aid company and has consulted extensively across rural South Australia and metropolitan Adelaide.
  • James Irvine
    B.Sc, MAud
  • Enza Mammone
  • Fan He
  • Lisa Forrest
  • Rebecca Mac
  • Adam Pope