Hearing loss doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a slow and gradual process that’s sometimes very difficult to notice until it’s too late. Many people associate their deteriorating hearing with old age and, therefore, think it’s something they should just put up with. But this isn’t the case at all.

Over time, your brain can almost forget what’s it’s like to hear. So it’s essential that you act immediately if you or a member of your family notices that your hearing seems to be getting worse. Most people wait up to seven years too long to take action against their hearing loss, causing lots of stress and suffering for themselves and their friends and family. Even if it’s just to set your mind at rest, it’s worth getting checked out.

What are the signs of early hearing loss?

There are many different signs of early hearing loss, including:

  • Being able to hear background noise but not the person sitting next to you
  • Having the TV loud but still being unable to hear the words
  • People around you seem to mumble and pronounce their words poorly
  • Being unable to understand your partner when they yell from the next room or talk with their back to you
  • Missing key parts of the conversation and being forced to just nod along and try to fill in the gaps
  • Being told that you’re not listening
  • Getting ringing or buzzing noises in your head


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