Types of Custom Ear Plugs

Noise Plugs

From motorcyclists and musicians to demolition specialists and construction workers, the noises you hear every day can have an incredibly negative effect on your hearing. You may not think it now, but over time your hearing will get worse, making it difficult to have even the simplest conversations in later life. To protect yourself and your hearing, enquire about our noise plugs today by calling our friendly team on 1300 731 710.

Musician Plugs

When it comes to hearing protection for musicians, standard earplugs just won’t do the trick. Regular earplugs reduce the volume of high frequencies a lot more than lower frequencies, causing the sounds of the music to become inaccurate. Made with 5, 10, 15 or 25dB attenuators, our custom musician plugs retain the frequency responses of incoming sound, but simply lower the volume.

Swim Plugs

Swimming pools are notorious for causing ear infections and other hearing problems. Keep your ears dry with our custom earplugs. Made to fit your ear perfectly, some of our plugs even float and have handles and neck cords to keep them attached at all times.


Hearing Aids

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